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Renovate your historic residence while preserving its architectural glory.
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RWC strikes a balance between architectural preservation and modern upgrades. Our specialists preserve the fundamental historic elements of your house but change the rest to suit your needs and lifestyle.
We make your property less of a museum and more of a home.

Our Residential Historic Renovation Services in Metairie 

RWC honors Metairie’s historic structures and advocates for their protection. However, if you’re planning to live in these stately residences, we have to make some changes to make the property more livable and safer for your family.

  • Improve Safety – Ensure your house is up to code and follows safety requirements in Metairie. Our team will make your home structurally sound.
  • Upgrade Plumbing and Electrical Systems – Our team will update the plumbing and electrical systems if they’re outdated or inefficient. The place will also have proper insulation.
  • Modernize the Layout – Depending on your requirements, we’ll change the layout of the rooms to improve flow and increase natural light inside the house.
  • Meet Your Unique Needs – Whether you want a bigger kitchen or cozier bedrooms, we’ll renovate the house for the lifestyle you lead.

Our Process

  • Consult

We discuss the scope of the project with you. Together, we plan which parts we will preserve and how we’ll renovate the rest.

  • Renovate

The project begins. As we renovate your property, we’ll update you on the progress of your project.

  • Complete

We complete the renovation on time and within budget so you can enjoy your historic but comfortable home.

What Our Clients Say

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Renovate Your Historic Home with Robert Wolfe Companies

Historic Preservation Expertise

RWC has decades of experience in historic renovations, as well as zoning requirements and regulations in Metairie’s Historic District. Our team is well-versed in different architectural movements in the city, so we can identify the elements of your home that are best preserved.

Transparent Pricing

We remain transparent about the cost of our historic house renovations. Our team discusses your budget during the planning and adheres to it throughout the project. We can even provide a list of materials used with their corresponding prices.

Commitment to Timeline

We preserve some parts of the structure and replace others with great care. A historic house renovation can take longer than conventional renovation projects. However, our team has an efficient process that will eliminate delays.

Trusted for Over 30 Years

RWC is bonded, licensed, insured, and trusted by homeowners in Metairie and the rest of Louisiana. We have renovated some of the city’s most beautiful historic residences, and we’re excited to work on yours.