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A building structure plays a vital role in the upkeep of your house for years to come. If the present structure is not up to the mark, then you can see the appearance of sagging floors, cracked walls, fungus in the woods, etc. You do not need a building structure that ends up looking like this. A sturdy, appealing, and well-maintained home are what you need to live in. It is where Structural Engineer inspections and services from Robert Wolfe Companies step in. We understand your love for your home, and with a thorough inspection of the structure and the material used, its longevity can be increased manifold. Our company’s designers and engineers ensure the best structural service according to the evolving demands nowadays.

Our Structural Engineer Services for the Property Owners

The structural issues can evolve at any moment causing wider loss to the property owners. It is where the work of the Structural Engineer starts. An engineer can help with planning, designing, and maintaining the durability and aesthetics of the property. It can be residential or commercial.

Both properties and structures require a thorough inspection from the engineer to ensure there are no loopholes and no compromise on the security of the building too.

Here are a few specially curated structural services our designers and engineers provide.

Inspection of the Property Our engineer will carry out a thorough inspection of your structure, right from the walls to the floors to the bricks that are being used in your property. We present a comprehensive report on the structural issues that might bother you for a long time. Our focus is to render innovative solutions so that you can live in a strong structure that will not fall off or cause menace at your place. Are you finding any foundation issues? Call our experts at (504) 393-2445.

  • Plans for Repairs

Robert Wolfe Companies engineers are focused on building elements that require immediate repair after the initial inspection. They aim to preserve the structural identity of your building. After your property’s inspection, we will curate a thorough repair plan to improve your structure without delay. We have a team of experienced engineers and contractors who are always ready to provide the best repair services to residential and commercial owners.

  • Helps With Overall Improvement

The best part of getting an engineer’s service from RWC for your structure is that we focus on continual improvement so that your property remains durable for a long time. We aim to improve your structures’ condition without causing hassle to you. We work in close collaboration with architecture, manufacturers, contractors, etc.

Why Choose Us?

  • State certification to render structural inspection services
  • Team of experienced engineers and contractors
  • Provision of a complete report about the structure of your house or office
  • Affordable inspection charges
  • Providing unbiased decisions

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Extensive Planning and Surveying

Our team puts a premium on planning. If everything is accounted for, execution is fast and seamless. We’ll survey your property extensively, create a timeline, and closely coordinate the plans with you.

Transparent Pricing

We’ll discuss the costs of home elevation services in New Orleans in detail. RWC offers transparent pricing, and we adhere to our client’s budget throughout the project.

Trusted for 30 Years

Our reputation is built on a foundation of trust and hard work. Robert Wolfe Companies is bonded, licensed, and insured, and our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Our Other Services

Apart from elevating homes, Robert Wolfe Companies offers: